The Art of Concrete

Concrete as an art form

Concrete is an under appreciated art form. The more I understand about concrete, the more I realize that the possibilities of concrete as an art form have hardly been unveiled. The design flexibility of color, texture and form along with the longevity of quality concrete create a wide array of design possibilities. My friends at LithoMosaic discovered some of the possibilities years ago by integrating mosaic artwork into concrete – realizing that the canvas of concrete can create a more durably platform for the art medium. My prior mentor, Philip di Giacomo, discovered the artistic nature of concrete in the form of interpretive rock work. Some interior designers have grasped the idea of color, lines and branding that concrete can provide for interior floors. Landscape architects have also played with the variety of colors and textures and even formwork that concrete lends itself too. But, how do we tie this all together to create a masterpiece not yet imagined by the world? I know there is the possibility, and I encourage any designer or artist to explore the possibilities with me to create the artist’s reality. This is a challenge to myself and to the design community to discover, and I look forward to the adventure.

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