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CoVid19 Update – create a stronger future

I'd be naive not to address the CoVid19 pandemic and its impact on construction here in Colorado, and in particular, our company. Being in Colorado, we are in the midst of the dealing with the state being shut down and construction still being deemed essential. So what does that mean? It means the men and… Continue reading CoVid19 Update – create a stronger future

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Is Decorative Concrete for Walls?

With 2020 well under way, one question that keeps emerging as a new trend in decorative concrete is, "can decorative concrete be used on walls"? The answer is yes, yes and yes! Many of the decorative applications that you see on horizontal surfaces can go vertical as well. That includes embedding aggregates, exposing aggregates, pretty… Continue reading Is Decorative Concrete for Walls?

Decorative Concrete, Seatwalls, The Art of Concrete

Westminster Plaza Grand Opening

What a beautiful fall evening out at Westminster Plaza last night. The weather was perfect, the band was playing amidst the sound of flowing water, food trucks provided fabulous food, and good people gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the great project that will be a benchmark for many to come. What once was… Continue reading Westminster Plaza Grand Opening

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Revealing History Through Concrete Polishing

¬†What happens when a new state-of-the-art concrete contractor gets teamed up with a renowned team consisting of The Beck Group and Gensler Design? A world-class office space gets transformed from a historic 1949 building in the heart of downtown Denver. The team worked together to find the beauty in the old building while maintaining the… Continue reading Revealing History Through Concrete Polishing