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Is Decorative Concrete for Walls?

With 2020 well under way, one question that keeps emerging as a new trend in decorative concrete is, “can decorative concrete be used on walls”? The answer is yes, yes and yes! Many of the decorative applications that you see on horizontal surfaces can go vertical as well. That includes embedding aggregates, exposing aggregates, pretty designs in the concrete, stamping, patterns, texturing, coloring, you name it – there is probably a way to achieve it with concrete. That is the beauty of concrete and the reason I love concrete as an art form – the possibilities are endless. Concrete walls don’t have to just be functional, they can also help enhance the appearance and the design of a space. Some of my current favorite finishes for decorative concrete site walls include:

  • Smooth finish: This is a classic look, but can easily be screwed up. When done correctly, a plain concrete wall or step can be an art form too – even with standard gray concrete.
  • Sand Finish: Just as sand finish is popular in the flatwork world , I am seeing it gaining more popularity in the vertical finishes as well, and for good reason. The sand finish is an upgraded finish, has an architectural look and feel to it, and wears beautifully.
  • Board Form Finish: This one may not sound fancy at all, but what I love about this finish is how it shows the true character of construction in a lasting visual art form. It shows the nature of concrete AND the beauty of the craftsmanship behind the formwork that was used to create it.

Of course, the options don’t end there by any means. You can stain walls, add integral color, add designs, add stencils, use decorative overlays – the possibilities are exciting.


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