The Art of Concrete

CoVid19 Update – create a stronger future

I’d be naive not to address the CoVid19 pandemic and its impact on construction here in Colorado, and in particular, our company. Being in Colorado, we are in the midst of the dealing with the state being shut down and construction still being deemed essential. So what does that mean? It means the men and women I have the privilege of working with every day, are working still – every day, but in a completely different world than the one we all saw months ago. Our vision statement remains the same through these trying times: “create a stronger future”, but we must be wise about it.

The office itself is down to myself and my daughter (who is e-learning), with others occasionally coming and going – but mostly working remotely to minimize human contact. The hardworking men and women in the field creating the beautiful concrete, are still creating the beautiful concrete but with more precautions than before. We pride ourself on a safe work environment and make sure we are all operating safely. The CoVid pandemic threw a whole new meaning of safety and our daily operations. When possible, we are practicing social distancing. Many of our in-person meetings are being done virtually, or in more open spaces with less people. We are minimizing sharing tools and are hand washing regularly. Luckily our job sites are outside with fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of ventilation. However, we do come in contact with many people throughout the day and we all have a new mindset about what that means and how to handle interactions. Everyone is stepping up to do their part and I am very proud of each of them. We all understand that if any of us get sick, we all get sick – and the safety of our team is of utmost importance – just as it always has been. Our goal remains the same: “to create a stronger future”, not just for ourselves, but for the world around us so we can all come out of this stronger than before. Thank you especially to AGC of Colorado for spearheading so many safe construction practices, staying in front of legislation and for fighting for our people every single day.


I wish you all health and peace during these trying times.

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